CAPM Certification Process

CAPM Certification ProcessThe CAPM exam has a process that must be followed before taking the exam. This is quite common with IT certifications – you can’t just show up on the day you feel like it and sit the exam. It’s a bit more than just making an appointment as well. Let’s take a look at the CAPM certification process and what I need to do.

CAPM Certification Process Overview

The CAPM certification process is outlined in the CAPM Handbook, from the PMI website. It includes the following diagram:

CAPM Certification Process

This diagram is not mine, and it was taken from the CAPM handbook, so you can refer to the latest version here.

This covers four main steps:

  1. Application
  2. Payment
  3. Audit
  4. Exam

So, I’ll need to complete the first three steps before I attempt the exam. Let’s look at the details of this process:


CAPM Application Process

According to the handbook, the first step is to submit an application for the CAPM exam. To do this, I’ll need to use the online system. Well, there is an offline way to submit the application, but I’d prefer to use the online version (and so does PMI apparently).

The handbooks suggests that I check my credentials first, to make sure I meet the requirements. I have done that in my¬†last post on CAPM eligibility, and I think I’m OK for that part.

The application that I create will be open for 90 days. So, I have about three months to complete it. I’m not sure what’s inside the application, but it might take a bit of work to fill out. It looks like this is my next step.

After I’ve submitted it, it looks like there is a review – the PMI reviews my application to see if it is complete. This takes about 24 hours, according to the handbook.


CAPM Payment

After I’ve completed the application, the next step is to pay for the exam. According to the handbook, there are several types of administration fees, depending on the type of exam and if you’re a member of the PMI or not. I’ll follow this post up with another post about whether or not I should become a PMI member before taking the exam.

Either way, I’ll need to pay for the exam at this point. I would suggest you refer to the PMI website for the latest fees. I’ll be looking up the fees for each exam when I’m ready to pay – regardless of whether I join the PMI or not (I’m currently not a member)


CAPM Audit Process

The application that Isubmit for the CAPM seem to be subject to an optional, random audit. According to the handbook, the system will notify me when I process the payment if my application needs to be reviewed. It doesn’t look like I have any control over this, so I just need to make sure all the information I submit is correct, and that I comply with their terms and conditions.


Final Step – The CAPM Exam

After these steps, it seems I’m ready to schedule the exam. I can choose a date that fits with my study schedule. I also have one year after passing the audit to schedule the exam. Seeing as the audit is random, I’m not sure if the start date applies to the application submission if an audit is not performed, but one year should be enough to schedule the exam.

So, it seems that my next step is to start the application process for the CAPM exam. This can take a while, so I should start on it pretty soon. I’ve also ordered by study guide books from Amazon, which, at the time of writing, should arrive in about a week (mid April 2013).


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